Frequently Asked Questions

About Voodoo Magick, Voodoo Curses, and Voodoo Spells.

A few of the more common questions about Voodoo Magick, answered by High Priest Jean Emmanuel, in his own words.

Is Voodoo real?

Very much so. Voodoo has been around for many, many centuries. It is one of the two state religions of Haiti (the other is Catholicism).

How long have you been a Voodoo priest?

For many years. I became a priest when I was just nineteen. Now I have three wives, five children (between the ages of five and twenty seven), and three grandchildren.

Do you live in a mud hut?

No. But I do try and live the very simple life. For instance, I do not own a computer - instead I borrow a friend’s. Sometimes this means I take a day or two to respond to emails and messages - but for me it is essential in order to minimise distractions and keep my mind clear.

What spells do you offer?

I have all manner of spells (see bottom of each page of this website) but my most popular spells are love spells, relationship reset spells, weight loss spells, wealth spells, and curses.

Isn’t cursing someone via Voodoo wrong/evil?

No. We live in an imperfect world. Bad things happen to good people, and wrong doers sometimes go unpunished. This makes it difficult for us to find closure in our lives. “Forgive and forget” isn’t always possible - not when you know that someone has caused you suffering without consequence.

I see my role as bringing justice where it is needed, balance where there has been none. I will not cast a curse out of spite or to provide an individual with some kind of a competitive advantage - but where someone has been genuine injustice, and where someone is still haunted by a painful episode in their (recent) past, I can bring a much needed resolution. I can help them to draw a line under the incident, and move on.

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Can you kill someone with Voodoo?

It is possible, but it is not something that I would do. It is more common for victims of this curse to experience accidents. Sometimes these accidents are minor. Sometimes they are much more serious. Sometimes they do indeed result in death or permanent injury.

But say I want someone to lose their job, their girlfriend, or wake up with tiny genitals... is that possible?

Clients often come to me with a list of things that they would like to happen to their enemies, but this is not how Voodoo works, and strictly speaking it is not within my power to unleash a specific set of circumstances. What I do is strip away the protective element of a person’s aura, and allow dark voodoo forces into their life to create chaos and destruction. A very unpleasant fate awaits anyone who is under a Voodoo curse.

What if someone has cursed me? Can it be lifted?

Lifting curses is especially difficult, but I have had a lot of success in this area. When a curse has been lifted, there is usually a period of healing required - it takes a while for things to return to ‘normal’ - but my clients have told me that their life starts to get better again, quite quickly.

How long does a spell take to work?

It is impossible to say how long a particular spell will take to work, because spells are based on people and situations, and no two people, or situations, are the same. However, I can say this - if you're able to follow simple instructions, and perhaps dedicate five minutes a day to perform a simple meditation, then the spell will work a lot quicker.

Do you need an item of clothing or hair to cast a spell?

Most of the time all I need is a name, and perhaps a location. Sometimes a photograph is helpful, but it is not always necessary.

How much do your Voodoo spells cost?

I charge what I believe is a fair price for my time and the items I need to complete a Voodoo casting (which usually takes me about five hours). The fee is $179 payable via credit card and/or paypal. I regret I do not take any other kind of payment at this stage.

Can you tell me more about you?

You can find out more about me on this page.

Can you tell me more about Voodoo?

You can find out more about Voodoo on this page.

I'm a bit scared of Voodoo - can you recommend someone else?

Whilst I cannot imagine a life without Voodoo, I can appreciate that it isn't for everyone.

In my many years I have worked with some very wise, and wonderful people. Last year I had the pleasure of spending some time with a wonderfully gifted lady from America. I have never seen such power in one so young.

She is very shy, and she does not accept visitors to her home, but if you are looking for the most extreme, most effective, black magic spells, visit her website here..

Is there anything you/Voodoo can't do?

There are a few things I am unable to do. Please check this list before contacting me.

    1. I cannot change anyones sexual preference. If you are gay and have a straight friend, I am afraid I cannot help.
    2. I cannot bring anyone back from the dead.
    3. I cannot spring anyone from prison, reduce a prison sentence, change the mind of a jury, or make a charge or conviction go away.
    4. I cannot transform you into an animal, change your sex, change your age, alter the past, give you super human powers, or manufacture a magical pendant that will allow you to become president of the United States.
    5. I cannot alter the laws of physics or do anything that is generally considered 'impossible'.
    6. I also do not teach voodoo, take on students, offer interviews, do telephone or 1-2-1 consultantions, sell incantations, books or lucky trinkets.

I can help you change your life for the better. And I would be very happy to help you do that.

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Is Voodoo dangerous (to me)?

When dealing with the dark Voodoo forces - such as when casting a curse - there is always risk. Dark Voodoo forces do not ask permission before entering someone’s life, so part of the casting involves me setting up a protection spell around myself, and the requestor. However, such a spell can only do so much, and therefore it is very important that once a client has commissioned me to curse someone, they follow my (very simple, but important) instructions to avoid attracting those same dark forces back into their own lives.

Once you cast a curse for me, is there anything I need to do?

Yes. There are three main steps.

  1. Hand the task over to me
  2. Protect yourself from the dark forces by following my instructions
  3. Move on with your life

What about a normal spell? Do I need to do anything once the spell is cast?

Sometimes I ask clients to perform a simple, daily ritual.

I have noticed that clients who are unwilling to set aside five minutes a day to follow my simple instructions are usually amongst the small number of clients that complain that Voodoo has not worked for them.

In many ways Voodoo is like gasoline. Whilst it is wonderful stuff, YOU still need to get in and drive the car. Paying me to cast a spell for you does not relieve you of responsibility for your life.

The website talks about a bonus spell, could you explain more?

With every dark spell I balance the forces by casting a light spell. This is generally a spell for peace, prosperity, and protection.

I want to win the lotto, can you do that?

Whilst there is nothing wrong in wanting to be wealthy, and to live a happy life full of comfort and luxury, it is extremely rare for the Voodoo forces to grant this request via a lottery win. It has happened only once, in well over thirty years of casting spells for clients, week in, week out, and that was never the primary aim of the spell.

Voodoo, like life in general, requires us to be proactive. To put some effort in. To be on the look out for amazing opportunities given to us, and to follow up on those opportunities.

Buying a lotto ticket isn't an opportunity. It requires very little effort, and usually gives back even less. It is a hollow and dull experience, that robs people of the willingness to make their lives, and the lives of the people they love, better. As soon as you buy a lotto ticket with the intention that a big win would solve your problems, you have lost control of your life.

If you are considering asking me to help you win the lottery, please leave this website now. I cannot help you.

Have you got references? Can I speak to some of your past clients?

I don't divulge private client information or contact details, but you can read some of the genuine emails of thanks I've received in the past few months, on this page.

Can I come to your house? Can I call you on Skype / telephone?

Because of the large number of clients needing my help, I can not offer 1-2-1s or telephone / skype consulatations at the moment. I work by email only, once the initial fee has been paid via this website.

Can I pay via Western Union Money Transfer, Check, or after you've cast my spell and made me a millionaire?

I am afraid I do not work for free. Also I do not offer credit. And I only accept card payment via paypal. Apologies.

My fee of $179 is extremely reasonable. If you cannot afford this now, I humbly suggest you put aside a small amount of money each week until you can.

How can I order a spell or a curse from you?

Simply tap here or click the image below, make your payment, then follow the link from paypal back to this website to give me as much detail as possible about the spell you would like me to cast. I will respond within a day or so, and cast your spell within two weeks, after a period of meditation and preparation.

I have ordered a spell / sent a message but haven't heard from you!

If you have not heard from me within two days, PLEASE check your spam / junk mail folder.

I have received a refund for 1 cent - why?

I have been trying to get hold of you without success. The refund was my attempt at getting your attention - and it worked; you are here. PLEASE check your junk mail folder for emails that I have been sending you, mark them as 'not spam' and reply to those emails.

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Thank you very much for the quick response of my letter. I appreciate it so much. Until now {name remove} was running me down to all our friends, and humiliated me in my workplace and this made me feel so upset. She has never stopped hurting me through talking bad things about me behind my back. But your bonus spell for me has reaIly worked because inspite of it all I feel protected in a way that I have not before - I feel happiness in my heart. I will try my best to stay away from her. Thank you so much for helping me.


Thank you so much!!! I will follow every step with caution and will move on with my life.


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Read before ordering

My Spells and Curses are very powerful. Once a spell is cast, there is no stopping it. Haitian Voodoo is serious business, and very real, so please think carefully before proceeding.

Do not order a spell if you are not 100% certain you're ready for the consequences!

  • It may sound great to suddenly come in to a lot of money, but that can cause sudden problems with family members.
  • Having someone suddenly fall in love with you can be wonderful, but what will you do when they become jealous?
  • Getting your annoying co-worker fired by using a powerful Voodoo Curse might feel gratifying at first, but remember, he or she might have a family to feed.

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