Powerful Voodoo Commitment / Marriage Spell

Use Voodoo to take your relationship to the next level

Commitment / Marriage Spell

Do you long to be married? Is your partner afraid to commit?

Have you been dating for months, perhaps even years, but he or she just won't pop the question?

Or perhaps you have yet to even reach the stage where the special person you spend most of your time with (and even your bed) doesn’t want to make your union ‘official’.

This Powerful Haitian Marriage Spell is for any woman, or man, who would like to see their current relationship move to the next obvious level.

When combined with a love spell, this spell can also be used even if you aren't in a relationship, but are feeling the pressure to get married, whether that pressure is self-imposed, or from family influences.

How does my Voodoo Marriage Commitment Spell work?

In my experience, people who are reluctant to marry - or make a similar commitment - resist because it feels like ‘too big’ of a step. Sometimes the person has fears that a marriage would immediately mean a loss of freedom. Other times they are worried about the financial or legal implications. If the person in question has been married before and that marriage ended badly, then those concerns can seem all the more real - despite the fact that no two relationships can ever be identical.

The spell works from the inside out. Gently whispering in your partner’s ears and ‘nudging’ them towards a place where they feel safe enough to commit further to your relationship.

Over the days and weeks following the spell casting, their focus will slowly shift from all the scary reasons not to take this next step, to the far more logical and comforting reasons why marriage and commitment simply make far more sense.

Eventually, they will pop the question not because you have pressured them to do so, but because they truly believe it is the best course of action.

Imagine how wonderful a moment that will be.

How long does the marriage / commitment spell take to work?

This is a spell that requires PATIENCE.

I realise of course that this is not what you want to hear. You have probably been waiting a very long while - perhaps even years. After all, that is how you came to search for ‘marriage commitment spells’ in the first place - that is why you are on my website now. But, patience is a key ingredient in this spell none the less.

After the casting, you must be prepared to take a step back and let the spell slowly seduce your partner so that when they decide to commit or propose marriage, they do so without your direct influence.

Constantly nagging your partner and asking them “why?!” they won’t buy you a ring, or get down on one knee, will undermine the magic. The spell will break, and start again.

But the longer you can bite your tongue, the more seductive the idea of marriage and commitment will seem to them, until it is THEM who cannot wait any longer.

With this in mind, the amount of time this spell needs to work is in direct relation to the resistance that your partner is currently feeling, which in turn is fuelled by any nagging that they are experiencing. I will cast the spell - you need to turn down the pressure.

Is there anyone who this spell would not be suitable for?

Please don't order this Spell if you yourself are not ready to commit to a lifelong relationship.

This isn't a Spell for someone who wants to get married for the wrong reasons.

If you have recently discovered that you are pregnant after a drunken night out, you cannot use this spell to force the father of your unborn baby to propose marriage.

Only if you truly love your partner and can envisage a long and happy life together, should you order this Marriage Commitment Spell today!

My Guarantee To You

I guarantee that once the spell is cast, and you have stopped arguing or pressurising your partner into getting married, that they will, in time, choose to make the commitment you desire.

If you have read and accept this guarantee, then please proceed with the ordering process. Have me cast a Powerful Marriage or Commitment Spell for you this week.

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100% Success Guarantee

I guarantee I will cast the spell for you, and try with all my power and all my spiritual energy to make it work for you.

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Dear Jean Emmanuel, Thank you for your time and your gift. By reading your response it brought tears to my eyes,even though I have not met you, I also feel your are genuine and passionate person. I have tried all different candles prayers and also sought help from a pshycic which was just in it for the money. I trust and believe in you as you have told me so much in just one email. Thank you again for your time and gift.


I want to say your spells are truly a blessing. I saw results a lot faster than expected and I am still in a state of disbelief. I am now at a place where {name removed} can't hurt me. On his end {name removed} has been more diligient and caring. We talk a lot about everything. He has patience and is becoming more vulnerable. Less guarded and in need to hide things. I may be back for a new spell to increase sexual desire for me and him. Thank you, Sharina


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My Spells and Curses are very powerful. Once a spell is cast, there is no stopping it. Haitian Voodoo is serious business, and very real, so please think carefully before proceeding.

Do not order a spell if you are not 100% certain you're ready for the consequences!

  • It may sound great to suddenly come in to a lot of money, but that can cause sudden problems with family members.
  • Having someone suddenly fall in love with you can be wonderful, but what will you do when they become jealous?
  • Getting your annoying co-worker fired by using a powerful Voodoo Curse might feel gratifying at first, but remember, he or she might have a family to feed.

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