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There are few things in this world as frustrating as people's inability to tell, to hear, to see, and finally understand, the truth.

We live in a world of lies. Our email is bombarded with spam from people promising that we have somehow inherited a million dollars. Our days are interrupted by advertisements for products that claim the impossible. Our doctors tell us that the only cure for whatever sickness we have is as an extremely expensive drug - whilst the pharmaceutical companies tell the doctors the very same thing. Even our politicians, the ones who claim the news is fake, are themselves incapable of telling the truth. And we are so used to this situation, that we have ceased to be annoyed or angry. We have accepted it as normal.

Why then are we surprised when a loved one lies to us, or fails to believe something that we tell them?


I have been a Voodoo High Priest for many, many years, here in my home village, on Haiti, yet these days I have clients from all over the world.

Of all the inquiries I receive, the saddest are requests to either make someone tell the truth, or make someone else hear the truth.

If Google brought you here looking for a truth spell, then I am afraid you might be disappointed by what I am about to say, for no such spell exists. Reveal The Truth Spells do not exist.

Even with the darkest of black magic, it is not possible to force someone to do something against their will. And this includes getting them to speak the truth, or listen to something they don't want to hear.


Just because there is no such thing as a truth spell, this does not mean that Voodoo cannot be used to improve your situation!

People lie for many reasons. Sometimes they lie because they believe the consequences of telling the truth would be too hard for themselves or others to bear. Other times they do it to try and protect someone they care about. Occasionally lies are simply about manipulation.

It is the same when it comes to hearing the truth. Sometimes people refuse to hear the truth because doing so would mean having to accept something that would make them feel uncomfortable. Other times it is simply because previous experience has taught them that they cannot trust the person they are listening to.

By figuring out the reasons why someone is lying or refusing to listen to a truth, we can get closer to the true cause of the problem, and address that problem with a different spell.

For instance, a man might lie to his wife about whether or not he has a mistress. He might do this because deep down, he does not want to upset or lose his wife, whom he still loves. In this situation I would work with my client to repair the relationship, such that the husband leaves the mistress out of choice. In doing this, the original lie about the mistress almost becomes irrelevant.


If you are facing a situation where you are being lied to, or someone refuses to hear your truth, contact me today via the CONTACT PAGE, and let us see if together we can resolve your problem.

I look forward to hearing from you.

High Priest Jean Emmanuel.

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I guarantee I will cast the spell for you, and try with all my power and all my spiritual energy to make it work for you.

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Thank you so much!!! I will follow every step with caution and will move on with my life.


I can honestly say I feel so much better than I did a few months ago. I feel optimistic and happy with everything I have in life. I’ve even changed towards my ex which is something I thought would never happen. Instead of feeling angry and hatred towards him I feel indifferent to him. I don’t care about his life I just want to Focus on me and my life. Thank you for your work with this! I’ve attached a picture of a time I was happily in life and would appreciate you put on your altar to enhance my spell and make me feel even more positive and happy than I am now


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  • Getting your annoying co-worker fired by using a powerful Voodoo Curse might feel gratifying at first, but remember, he or she might have a family to feed.

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