Powerful Voodoo Banishment Spell

Get rid of the person who is making your life a misery, once and for all.

Banish Enemy Spell

Has someone become a disruption in your life? Are they causing stress for you, or someone you love? If you've tried all other methods to get rid of this person and you're still being harassed, then my Powerful Banishment Spell is for you!

When I was a young boy, everyone realised that I was different from the other boys in my school. It was not long therefore, before I unwittingly attracted the attention of the school bullies.

Those bullies beat on me twice a day, every day, for an entire year. Neither my father, nor the teachers I spoke to, did anything to stop them. They thought I was making up stories.

When I finally left that school I assumed those days were over. But I soon learnt that bullies exist in all stages of life.

Whether it’s a jealous work colleague who is trying to get you fired, or the evil neighbour across the street who dumps their trash in your yard, or the local police who won’t leave you alone, or some harlot who keeps trying to seduce your man - they are everywhere.

Is there anything that can be done to stop these people?

Yes, indeed there is.

How does my Voodoo Banishment Spell work?

Banishment spells are amongst the most difficult spells to cast. They require dedication, and patience, and perseverance - both from myself, but also from YOU.

There are two stages; the initial casting, and then some daily work to keep the spell alive, and double it’s strength, again and again and again.

Why is the daily work necessary?

Although the spell will start working immediately, it usually takes some weeks before any change in behaviour is evident. This is because Bullies - whatever form they come is - are usually so obsessed with their victims that when they see that their bullying tactics are no longer having any affect, they merely double their efforts! What happens then, is that the Bully’s efforts immediately increase to match the spell that has been cast.

HOWEVER, Magic - true magic - is wonderful thing. And in the case of a banishment spell, the spell can be made stronger, and stronger, with very little effort. Five minutes of simple meditation a day is all that’s required to create an invisible barrier - each day that barrier gets higher and higher, thicker and thicker, until one day your bully no longer has the mental energy to continue tormenting you. They will finally realise that they are getting no enjoyment from their bullying. And that you are not the slightest bit bothered! They will see that you are new never going to leave your job. That your boyfriend is never going to cheat on you. That everyone knows it’s their trash in your yard.

They will feel ashamed, and frustrated, and perhaps even remorseful.

They will stop. And leave you alone.

Is there anyone for whom this spell is not suitable?

This spell cannot be used to gain competitive advantage in business, or anything similar.

Neither can it be used to avoid being caught by the authorities if you have committed a crime, or to change the mind of a jury if you are being tried for that crime.

Neither can this spell be used on behalf of someone else. If your son or daughter is being bullied, I encourage you to take direct action yourself by talking to your child’s teachers, or the other parents.

My Guarantee To You

I guarantee that if, following a successful casting, you perform the daily banishment ritual exactly as described, every day, whoever is bullying you will eventually stop, and leave you alone.

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100% Success Guarantee

I guarantee I will cast the spell for you, and try with all my power and all my spiritual energy to make it work for you.

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I want to say your spells are truly a blessing. I saw results a lot faster than expected and I am still in a state of disbelief. I am now at a place where {name removed} can't hurt me. On his end {name removed} has been more diligient and caring. We talk a lot about everything. He has patience and is becoming more vulnerable. Less guarded and in need to hide things. I may be back for a new spell to increase sexual desire for me and him. Thank you, Sharina


I can honestly say I feel so much better than I did a few months ago. I feel optimistic and happy with everything I have in life. I’ve even changed towards my ex which is something I thought would never happen. Instead of feeling angry and hatred towards him I feel indifferent to him. I don’t care about his life I just want to Focus on me and my life. Thank you for your work with this! I’ve attached a picture of a time I was happily in life and would appreciate you put on your altar to enhance my spell and make me feel even more positive and happy than I am now


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