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This week, we are back to looking at the spells and rituals which define modern Voodoo. These are powerful spells which perfectly compliment our other articles exploring the strongest High Priests who have operated around the world. These are the sorts of spells that have been used by these great men and women over centuries, and with each new generation the experience and the power of the spells increases. We are still developing our understanding of what guides the spirits to help us or to hinder us, which is exactly why this religion will continue to develop for as long as people walk the earth. This week, we are looking at the most popular spell to be used in the modern age; the relationship reset spell.

We have all endured relationships which have slowly deteriorated in time. This could be for a number of reasons. Sometimes it is due to a single mistake by either you or your partner, and though you are still very much in love it perhaps isn't enough to reignite the passions and the happiness that once reigned supreme over your life together.

However, more often, it is simply down to the wear and tear of daily life. At the beginning of a relationship it is easy to make the time for each other, but as the years go by it becomes more and more challenging. The more your lives are tied together through assets and situation, the more it can feel like you are actually drifting apart.

That is why the relationship reset spell has been developed, and if this situation sounds all too familiar it can undoubtedly be used to change your situation. Whether you feel like your partner is neglecting you or their own family duties, or would simply just like to regnite some of the passion that has faded over time you can take advantage of this spell and start 2013 with romance once again playing a large part in your life.

The spell is even more in depth than the name might suggest. This isnâ't simply about starting over, it is about simply reverting the mind of the person who has, for whatever reason lost interest and through the guiding hand of the Ioa spirits taking them back to the mindset that they hand when he or she was really committed to both you and your relationship.

You will quickly notice a difference. The occasional glance will expand to more acts of love and attention to you and your needs. You will notice that you are spending more time together, doing more things together once more and it will remind you of exactly how good things used to be, as well as giving you hope that it can continue for the foreseeable future.

You should be aware that this isn't for everyone. This isn't a spell that will give you that first date feeling. This is a spell about going from the moment of true love, and helping both you and your partner to return to that mindset of loving, nurturing care for one and another once things have gone a little stale and cold.

If you would like High Priest Jean Emmanuel to undertake this ritual for you you can get in touch with us today. As a third generation priest his spells are amongst the most powerful which have ever been cast, courtesy of the long links that his family have had with the Ioa spirits, so if you want to see real results, he is undoubtedly the man to help you.

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I would like to take this time to thank you. Thank you for your services, and thank you for such a detailed outcome and such honesty. I truly feel, that you took my feelings into consideration with this whole process. It was very accurate. My whole world was set around {name removed}, I have that much love for her, and yes I have been naive about her. I feel that I can in fact change the two things that you suggested. I can {details removed}. Second, I can definitely let voodoo help me. I have already felt the warmth, and fully given permission. Oddly enough, before I opened your message this morning, I had a vision of {details removed}. I was astonished to read that in the message. I will keep in tune to this. I do, hope that {name removed} does return. However, if it's not in her best interest or mine, I hope we at least can work together as friends. She's been a blessing in my life no matter what. Thank you again, you have made me feel much more comfortable and secure! Wishing you the best!


Dear Jean. Thank you for casting the spell. After you sent your email i found a music site called XrayMusic and i submitted some music - to my surprise i got interest from a music producer! This has never happened before! Thank for you help - i just had to email you and tell you this


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