Is My Girlfriend/Boyfriend Under a Love Spell?

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Has your lover ran off with another? Is he or she acting strangely? Have they suddenly declared that they no longer love you, and want a divorce? Surely these must be symptoms of a "love spell"?

Whilst is very tempting to assume that there must be some kind of dark magic at work, that your partner is victim to a "love spell", cast on them by someone else, the truth of the matter is there is no way to know for sure. This is because the symptoms of a love spell, and the symptoms of real true love, are identical.

Let me explain.


All love spells work by seeking out genuine feelings of affection, and amplifying them.

It is simply not possible to force someone to love another against their will. There has to be something for a love spell to work.

Let me give you an example: A love spell is like gasoline. You can throw all the gasoline you like on a pile of wood, but unless there is already a flame, or even a spark, underneath the tinder, nothing will happen.

But, if that gasoline ignites, then very quickly you will have a very large, very real fire. The fact that the fire was started with gasoline makes no difference. The flames are very real, and they will continue to grow just as if the fire had been started without gasoline.

So the sad fact of the situation is this: If your lover has fallen for someone else, they have done so because they had real genuine feelings for that person, and the spell amplified those feelings. The feelings they have now are 100% genuine.


You might assume the solution to your problem is to break whatever spell that your lover is under, but sadly, this is not the case.

The spell has done its job. Breaking it will make very little difference.

To go back to the example of the fire and the gasoline, if the fire is now raging, taking that can of gasoline away might prevent the fire getting bigger still, but it won't extinguish the flames that are currently there.

So whilst breaking a love spell is technically possible, it's not the answer you are looking for.


The situation is far from hopeless.

The Voodoo exist to bring balance. The key to your situation is understanding what it is you actually want.

What you want is for your lover to return to you, and for everything to be as it once was - or better.

A spell to "return a lost lover" (get-back-ex) would be appropriate. However in order to prevent the situation from occurring again, you will need to work hard to make your relationship far better than it was. This is because although they left you for someone else, at some point they made a conscious decision to choose them over you: The relationship they are going to, is, in their mind, better than the relationship they're leaving behind.

They will no doubt view the current situation in one of the following ways:

  1. Either they will believe that the new person gives them something that they weren't getting in the relationship with you, OR
  2. they will believe they are walking away from a situation that they have found unpleasant

Sometimes it is a combination of both these things.

The only way to keep your lover from leaving a second time is to accept that your relationship was less than perfect, and do something about it. By working on the relationship, you are effectively, protecting yourself from the situation happening again.

There is no spell to prevent a lover from leaving. Free will is a Universal Law that cannot be broken.


If your lover has left you for another, please Contact me today.

Let us begin the process to help you find happiness once again.

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Thank you so much!!! I will follow every step with caution and will move on with my life.


How can I thank you Jean Emmanuel?! I fully appreciate what you have done for me now and in the past. All I wanted was for {name removed} to play fair. I am basically a loving, understanding person, but NO ONE hurts me or those I love without paying a price.Now, after saying that, I want you to know I am going to once and for all walk away from {name removed} and let the forces play this whole mess out.Again, thank you for everything!


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