The goal of this article is to explain exactly how to remove a curse from someone. It's easy, and doesn't necessarily need to involve voodoo. What you will need is a very clean spirit. To lift a curse, you need to be of a pure spirit yourself. This way, the curse won't latch onto you. (A curse is like an evil still needs something to grow on, and it loves an unclean spirit.) So, how to clean yourself spiritually? How about starting by admitting all the wrong you've done to people. Not just all the crimes you've committed, but all the little things you've done wrong to people. Really try to remember them, and apologize for them.

Remember, removing a curse of bad luck or something similar is an easy affair. Because, after you've cleaned your spirit, you're ready to go to work...and it's easy. First, take the person's hands in yours. Clasp them tightly, just above the wrists. Try to feel their blood flowing, because this will help you connect with their aura. Time your breathing to match the speed of theirs. Have them close their eyes and then whisper the following: Evil be gone. Evil be gone....

Try to feel their aura more deeply. Can you see the edge of their spirit? Can you focus your inner eye on their outer aura and vice versa? Once you have melded your inner spirit with theirs, see if you can find the source of the disturbance. Is it coming from their heart? Their mind? Their lower back? Focus all energy there, and soon the curse will lift away!

It's a sight to behold when their eyes open with a smile and they tell you how they are changed since you cast the get rid of bad luck spell. They are happy for the first time in a long time! Expect hugs and kisses and general all around happiness.

Be sure to take whatever gift they offer. Usually it will be money, but sometimes they might offer food or even some nice items like a VCR or a tape recorder. You must accept these kinds of gifts because the person has a need to pay for what he has received.